Arc-Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI)

Solis inverters employ a software-based AFCI function. The purpose of this function is to detect electrical arc-faults on the DC side of the system. The AFCI function itself is automatically enabled once a US grid standard is selected. The function can also be accessed and manually disabled in the "Special Settings" submenu; however, this is not recommended as the risk for an electrical fire increases. The general rule-of-thumb is to always have AFCI enabled whenever the PV is on a rooftop. If the PV is a ground-mount system then AFCI can be disabled so long as the local AHJ permits it. 

When an arc-fault is detected, the inverter will shut off and the screen will display an alarm code such as "AFCI Fault". The fault will auto-recover if the occurrence is brief, this is to reduce the amount of false trips. If the inverter detects the arc five times then it will shut itself down. To recover the system, the Escape button must be held down for three seconds. 

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