PID Repairing - Troubleshooting Steps

PID stands for Potential Induced Degradation

Solis inverters can get stuck with "PID Repairing" displayed on the screen when they are first turned on. There are a few methods to troubleshoot this issue, but the general cause is usually DSP-related. The inverter will get stuck with "PID Repairing" displayed if the DSP firmware is missing/corrupted or if the DSP board is faulting/not connected properly. 

Please first check to ensure that the inverter DSP board is seated properly - it should be pushed in completely with all ribbon cables connected and not loose. If the board appeared to be loose or not connected, then check to see if the inverter comes out of PID Repairing before proceeding. 

1. Press and hold the Enter button down for 20-30 seconds

2. The main menu of the inverter should come up when you do this

3. Press Up once to highlight Advanced Settings and then press Enter

4. Enter the password Down, Down, Up, and then Enter

5. Press Up until "DSP Update" is highlighted and then press Enter

6. Note down the "Current Version" that is displayed - if it shows as "00" then the DSP firmware is either missing or corrupted - check both "master" and "slave" DSP versions if your inverter has both kinds 

7. Attempt to perform a DSP update to the most current firmware version using the Current Firmware Version Master List

8. If during these steps the inverter goes back into "PID Repairing" then press and hold Enter again for another 20-30 seconds

9. Check the DSP current version once the update is completed - it should match the version you downloaded but if it still shows as 00 then contact Solis Support for further assistance

10. If the update does not take and keeps failing, contact Solis Support - a new DSP board will likely be needed

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