Inverter Temperature De-rating

Inverter Temperature Derating 

*Applies to ALL Solis and CSI models of Ginlong inverters except the Solis-255K-EHV-5G-US and future production units.  


The below chart below shows the AMBIENT EXTERNAL temperature rating for all models excluding the Solis -255K-EHV-5G-US and future production units.  


The Graph shown below Excludes the Power Derating Curve for future production units including the Solis -255K-EHV-5G-US.  



In some cases monitoring data will report the internal electronics temperature, and not the ambient external temperature. If the inverters overheat they will begin to derate power, and then throw the alarm "TEM-PRO" or temperature protection. This indicated that the external ambient temperature has exceeded 60C, and the internal temperatures cannot be maintained safely. The inverter shuts down to protect its internal components. Once temperatures return to operational levels the inverter will resume power production.  


 Monitoring data can display temperatures in excess of 85C, but this is not cause for alarm, these temperatures are within normal operational ranges inside of the inverter. In fact, external surface temperatures of the inverter can reach up to 75C, as displayed in the safety instructions at the beginning of every manual (see example below). The inverters calculate the external temperatures by using a formula based off of the internal temperature reading of the inverter. The monitoring portal is unable at this time to perform the calculation to show the ambient external temperature of the inverters.  


Internal Temperature Ratings 

External Ambient Temperature 

Fan Status (if Applicable) 

75C Internal 


Fan Shuts Down 

85C Internal 


Fan Turns On 

110 Internal 


Inverter Shuts Down 





In the case of overheating alarms, check the external ambient temperatures on site. Ensure the heat sinks are free and clear of any debris, including dust, and animal nests. If the external ambient temperature exceeds 60C use a shade cover to limit the inverter from sun exposure. If the external ambient temperature is not above 60C and the Temp-Pro Alarm is on, please call the service line to assist with troubleshooting. The inverter may have it's internal components damaged, and will need to be replaced.  



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