PID Repairing

This article explains what to do if the inverter is stuck displaying "PID Repairing". When the inverter does this it essentially is having trouble with the DSP board or the DSP firmware. Be ready to update the DSP firmware as this is the best way to fix this issue. Please use the correct Solis Inverter Firmware Updating Article and firmware files found within the article.

1. Prepare the Solis Update Tool with the USB flash drive that has the DSP firmware files on it

2. Plug the tool into the inverter and be sure that the DC switch is ON

3. Press and hold the Enter button on the inverter for about 15-20 seconds

4. Once the main menu comes up, press the up arrow once to highlight Advanced Settings

5. Press Enter and then Down, Down, Up, Enter for the password

6. Press Up until "DSP Update" is highlighted, then press enter

7. The "Current Version" will be displayed, take note of the version number

   a. The version will likely display as "00"

8. Press Enter on the inverter and then short-press the button on the update stick

9. The red and green lights should be flashing at this point

10. Watch the lights on the inverter and the stick - the green light on the stick should start flashing more slowly

11. Once all of the lights stop flashing, check the DSP Current Version again

12. If the DSP current version shows as something other than "00" the update was successful

13. If it still shows as "00" turn the inverter completely off and wait for the screen to go blank

14. Turn the inverter back on - AC first and then DC and watch to see if the inverter gets stuck displaying "PID Repairing" or not

15. If the inverter is still stuck with PID Repairing then the DSP board needs to be replaced and depending on the inverter model it may end up being an RMA

16. Please contact Solis Support to proceed further

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