How to Create an Installer Account on SolisCloud, Create Sub-Organizations, & Manage Sub-Accounts

This article goes over how to create an Installer profile on SolisCloud. It also explains how to create sub-organizations, add additional sub-accounts, and designate specific roles to each account and sub-organization. 



Step 1: Create a new account 

  1. After downloading and installing SolisCloud click on “Register” in the top right corner 

  1. Select “Organization”– Note: Owner accounts are only for homeowners 


  1. Fill out all of the fields – Note: the email used here will be assigned as the “Director” of the Organization and will have the most amount of authority and control over the account   

  1. Solar Pros Inc. will be the original “Organization” from here on to serve as an example 


Step 2: Creating Sub-Organization Accounts 

  1. After tapping “Register” and then logging in to the app, tap “Me” in the bottom right corner and then tap “My Organization” 


  1. From here you can either create a subordinate organization [internal or external organization] for Solar Pros Inc. or you can add members to Solar Pros 


  1. Tapping “Add member” brings you to Add member page where you can create a new user – to designate a specific role to the user, tap “To be allocated” and then tap the circle corresponding to the desired role 

  1. Please keep in mind that the Administrator and Operations Manager roles will have more visibility and control   


  1. Tapping “Add subordinate organization” brings you to the Create Organization page where you can make an organization that has access to Solar Pros systems  – Organization Type let’s you designate the sub-organization as either internal or external – Note: only Internal Organizations will be able to see systems that have been created under a Solar Pros account 


  1. The newly-created sub-organization will need to create their own sub-accounts, Solar Pros cannot do this 



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