LimbyTemp Status Explained

The LimbyTemp status will display on the inverter screen when the internal temperature is so hot or cold that inverter has to derate power. Essentially, this status means the inverter will still generate power, just less of it. Please follow the steps:

  1. Inspect the physical location of the inverter
    1. Is the inverter in the direct sun or shade?
    2. Is it a very hot or very cold day?
    3. Does the inverter feel warm/cold to the touch?
  2. Check the internal temperature of the inverter
    1. Go to Advanced Information
    2. Password is down, down, up, enter
    3. Go to Running Status
    4. Use the up/down buttons to find the temperature
  3. If the internal temperature is between 40°C (104°F) and 60°C (140°F) the inverter will have derated to somewhere between 100% and 77% of maximum output power Above 60°C the inverter will stop producing power until the internal temperature lowers. 
  4. If the internal temperature is below -17°C (1.4°F) the inverter will derate as well. Wait for the inverter to warm up and it should produce at full power. 
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