MA Compatibility Between Single Phase 4G and 2G inverters

Ginlong's Solis 2G inverter line is currently out of production. This leads to issues when replacing older 2G inverters with RMAs should they have a failure within their warranty period. At certain times we may have availability of refurbished units to be used for these replacement purposes. They are older 2G units that were sent back to our factory with minor defects. Once repaired they are sent back to their respective markets to be used as RMA replacements. They are rigorously tested exactly as a new inverter would be prior to leaving the factory.  


All of the 2G model of inverters can be replaced with a 4G model. Issues can arise when replacing the 5K 2G with a 5K 4g as the older 5K 2G accepted 3 DC input strings, and the newer 5k 4G only accepts 2 DC input strings. The backplate will need to be swapped out, and conduit may need to be rerouted to support the newer model inverters.  


Inverter Model  











Solis-5.0K-2G-US - ONLY WITH 2 Strings, Otherwise the array will need to be reconfigured 


Prior to any RMA being sent out, it's important to confirm any questions or concerns directly with Ginlong USA.  


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