How to Determine the Firmware Version of your Solis Inverter

Sometimes during troubleshooting, a technician may request that you provide the firmware version currently installed on the inverter. 


To find the firmware version, follow these steps: 


  1. Press "Enter" button to access Main Menu 

  1. Scroll down to "Advanced Info" 

  1. Enter pass code "0-0-1-0" (press "Down-Down-Up"), then press "Enter" 

  1. Scroll down and select "Version" 

  1. Record the "Model" number and "Software Version" indicated on the screen.  If "Software Version" does not appear on the screen initially, press the "Up" and "Down" buttons together for 3-4 seconds until the Software Version is displayed. 

  1. The software version contains information on the firmware versions on the inverter.  The first two digits represent the HMI firmware version, and the last two digits represent the DSP firmware version. 


           See examples below: 


                                     HMI Version is 03 shown below                                                      HMI Version is D2 shown below 


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