Solis String-Level RSD Troubleshooting Procedures

Note: this article is for the Solis string-level RSD devices, not module-level RSD

RSD Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Test the DC voltage at the inverter

    A. If no voltage is present on one channel and present on another:

        1. Test input voltage and polarity to the RSD of channel with 0 voltage.

            A. If voltage and polarity are good test output voltage of the same channel.  

                1. If voltage is good troubleshoot home run cable from RSD to the inverter.

                2. If voltage is unsatisfactory replace RSD

            B. If voltage is zero troubleshoot array

   B. If no voltage is present on either channel:

        1. Test input AC voltage and ensure 240 vac first inside the inverter and then second verify on the RSD.  

            A. If AC voltage is good 

                1. Test RSD DC voltage input.  Check voltages and polarities.

                    A.  if voltage and polarity are bad troubleshoot connectors and or array

                    B.  If voltage and polarity are good replace RSD.

            B. If AC voltage is unsatisfactory

                1. Troubleshoot AC voltage between RSD and inverter/breaker connection.

String-RSD site RMA Verification Procedure

When installer reports an RSD issue, please leave the system untouched. Do not allow the original installer to come to the site to check, send a technician to the site to verify the failure.

Site Verification Procedure

Please follow the below procedure when checking the site:

Take photos of DC connections from PV strings to RSD. Please see picture below.

Pull the PV cables out of the rails and take a clear picture that identifies the PV+ and PV-.

Pull the PV cable out of the rail. Take pictures of the PV cable.

Take picture of DC connection

Disconnect the strings to the RSD, take photo when measuring the DC string voltage to confirm there is no reverse polarity connection.

Measure the DC voltage from the DC connector.

Provide the site information below for each failure:

  1. The serial number of the RSD device
  2. The approximate date the system was installed
  3. The approximate date the system was commissioned
  4. The approximate date the fault first occurred
  5. Total lifetime energy of the inverter 
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