API Access and Sharing

You must have an account registered on SolisCloud. Only Director (Installer) accounts and Owner accounts will be able to have API access - all other account types will not be able to have access. This is for legal purposes as only the system owner is allowed to give permission to share their data with a third-party platform.

For all customers that are located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, please follow this process to gain API sharing access:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this article and then download the attached file called "Solis API Third Party Sharing Agreement Form"
  2. Sign the form and then email it to michael.allen@solisinverters.com or send it to the Solis Support team. Also provide your account email address. 
  3. This information then gets sent to Ginlong HQ (Kira or Serein) who then open the API for the customer 
  4. The customer can then get API sharing in SolisCloud by following this path on the browser-version of the SolisCloud webpage:
    1. Top right corner of the screen mouse over your name (or the little arrow)
    2. Click "Basic Settings"
    3. Click "API Management"
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