How to Derate a Solis Inverter

How to Derate the Inverter by Adjusting the Output Power 

  1. From the main inverter screen press Enter 
  2. Press Up once to highlight "Advanced Settings" then press Enter 
  3. The password is 0010 - press Down, Down, Up, and then press Enter 
  4. Navigate using the Down button to "Power Control" and then press Enter 
  5. Press the Down button until "Out_P With Restore" has an arrow to the left of it, then press Enter.  
  6. Use the Up and Down buttons to select the percentage of the overall inverter output power 
    1. For example, at 100% a 125K would output 125 kW maximum 
    2. The default is 110% and should be changed to 100% if the  
  1. Hit enter and back out of the menu 

  2. Monitor power output. If power dips in the 45KW range, adjust the percentage as needed. 

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