WiFi password changed

  1. Be near the Solis WiFi data logger - with an internet-capable device (smartphone, laptop, or tablet) connect to the desired WiFi network to ensure that you have the correct new password
  2. In your WiFi settings, connect to the network that looks like this: "AP_(logger serial number)"
  3. Open an internet browser and then type in in the browser address search bar
  4. Use the following credentials to login:
    1. Login - admin
    2. Password - admin
  5. Click 'Wizard' along the left-hand side and step through.  All that's important is selecting your network and entering its correct password.  Everything else can be stepped through; only those who have customized their network would need to edit any of the other details such as Subnet Mask and so on.
  6. Once the wizard is completed successfully, you will get a message saying to close this page manually and then the device will be restarted.
  7. Wait up to 15 minutes to see data for your plant in the app/monitoring portal.

If you have any issues with this process, please contact us via email at usservice@solisinverters.com or call 1-866-438-8408

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