OV-DC Alarm Troubleshooting

The OV-DC alarm means that the inverter is measuring abnormally high DC voltage. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Check the DC voltages in the Information menu of the inverter
    1. The voltages will be displayed by MPPT
    2. Take note of what these voltages are or leave the screen up
  2. With the DC switch OFF measure the DC voltages of the PV strings
  3. Compare the voltage measurements, they should match or be close to each other
  4. If the voltages displayed are different from the voltages measured, contact Solis Support
    1. This is likely going to be an RMA due to an internal component failure 
  5. If the voltages match, then check the specification label of the inverter
  6. The label makes it clear what the MPPT operating voltage range is and what the maximum DC input voltage is
  7. If the string voltages are higher than the specification, the PV strings will need to be reconfigured

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