Go Solis Webinar #4: Solis Commercial Inverters (4/21/2020, U.S.)

Go Solis 2020 Webinar #4: Solis Commercial (1000 V) Inverters; Unexpected Design and Operational Advantages of PV string inverter Systems over Commercial MLPE Systems. (4/21/2020, U.S.)  



Designers and installers attending this webinar will see where the latest PV string inverter system solutions produce unexpected operational and financial advantages over MLPE-type systems on large commercial rooftops.  Commercial PV string inverter systems are less expensive than commercial MLPE solutions and their installation is faster and less complicated.  On the operational side, performance is near identical, and over the past 10 years, PV string inverter O&M activities and costs have proven to be more predictable.   


The Go Solis April Webinar, scheduled for April 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST (1 PM EST), will focus on Commercial PV systems and commercial system designs.  Attendees will see the numbers as we compare different types of commercial PV systems so they can better match their own commercial PV system designs to different types of commercial sites and to unique customer goals.  Webinar attendees will  hear about the latest Solis 1000V commercial rooftop products (25-66 kW), commercial site safety and the latest commercial site regulatory considerations.  Examples will be provided showing commercial PV array layouts to match particular customer objectives. Presenters will clear up any confusion about NEC 2017-2020 1000-Volt rooftop rapid shutdown and talk about preparing for commercial PV plant operations and maintenance.   

Your presenters for this April webinar will be Terence Parker, Senior Applications Engineer from Solis inverters.  Mr. Parker just celebrated his 4-year anniversary with Solis and has been working in the PV industry since 1990.  Mr. Parker has extensive experience in both residential and commercial PV system installations and designs to reach customer goals.  Your co-presenter, Bernie Grant, is the Technical Business Development Engineer for Solis North America and will use his years as a field technician, PV system trainer and commercial PV system product engineer to simply explain the latest developments in commercial PV system design, installation, asset performance and system operations.  And joining Bernie and Terence, Bill Brooks will offer his take on commercial PV system design. Here at Solis, our goal for this webinar is to advance our attendees knowledge on the latest commercial PV system designs and how they can be aligned to match PV system performance objectives.  This knowledge may help our attendees make the hard choices when it comes to deploying the best commercial PV system for their own business and for the customer.  GoSolis webinar series produced by the Solis North American team are in partnership with various experts across the industry.  


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