Method of Procedure: Disable HVRT


The inverters ship with California Rule 21 grid standard enabled (R21P3-24A). If the grid standard is changed to IEEE 1547 standard (UL-240A), when the grid voltage line-to-line is greater than 252V (LCD displayed value), the power can be reduced to 20W. This will not affect inverters with the California Rule 21 default settings. 


Affected Models 

  • 1P2.5-6K-4G-US (from July 2, 2019 to October 11, 2019) 

  • 1P6-10K-4G-US (from July 2, 2019 to April 10, 2020) 



The inverters ship with a default setting of California Rule 21 grid standard (R21P3-24A). If an inverter was set to IEEE 1547 standard (UL-240V-A), it has high voltage ride-through (HVRT) enabled with a ride-through limit of 252V. HVRT should be disabled as the default setting as it is not an IEEE 1547 requirement. When voltage reaches 252V inverter will enter HVRT mode and reduce output power until the AC voltage falls below 252 V. 



For the affected inverters that were changed to IEEE 1547 (UL) standard, disable the HVRT setting via the LCD display and verify the standard modes are set in accordance with the inverter manual. 


Because the grid standard R21P3-24A is the default setting, no change is required for inverters installed in California. 



  1. Enter the Advanced Settings Menu: Advanced Settings →Password: 0-0-1-0 →ENTER 

  1. Turn off the AC power to the inverter: Grid On/Off →Select "Off"→ ESC. This brings you back to the Advanced Settings Menu. 

  1. Advanced Settings → Special Settings → V/FRT Set→ ENTER 

  1. Scroll down to VRT_US. If it is set to “RUN,” change selection to “STOP.” 

  1. Restore inverter operation: Advanced Settings →Grid On/Off→ Select "ON"→ ESC. 

  1. Observe inverter and verify normal operation. 

  1. If you experience continued operation problems, notify Ginlong Solis USA technical support via 1-866-438-8408 or 


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