Solis WiFi Loggers Network Strength Requirements

After reviewing with our QA Team in China, 40% RSSI is the minimum for Solis-DLS-WIFI and S3-WIFI-ST. we have asked them to do some tests so that we can understand the minimum upload/download speed in Mbps (megabits per second) as that is the metric used by installers to measure WiFi signal strength at the location of the logger. Once those values have been determined, we will add them to the logger datasheets.
We need to teach our customers not to measure physical distance between the logger and the router.  That is not what matters. What does matter is the signal strength of the WiFi network at the place where the logger will be (or already is) installed. The test is very simple and I will create a guide for this as well as add this to the logger manuals:
  1. Stand as close as possible to the place where the logger is/will be installed
  2. Connect your phone to the 2.4GHz WiFi network that you intend to connect the logger to
  3. Open an internet browser and then search “network speed test” in the address bar or Google
  4. Click “Run Test” and then wait for the test to finish
    1. The Download/Upload speeds are what determine whether or not the logger will be able to communicate smoothly with SolisCloud.
    2. Please note that HQ must first finish the tests that I asked them to perform before we have the minimum value
    3. If the speed is below the minimum, then the installer must either (1) put in a WiFi range extender or (2) use a LAN or cellular data logger instead – At this point, it is not the fault of Solis that the WiFi logger does not work
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