How to Receive Your Solis Inverter

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If there is significant damage, please refuse the package; if there's minor damage but it still looks functional and you'd like to proceed with its install, accept it and mark it as damaged. 


If anything is missing from the shipment, mark it as short and note the exception number to give to us. 


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What is This About? 


Information on how to receive a Solis Inverter from a carrier such as FedEx, UPS, RoadRunner Freight, etc. 


Why is There a Need For This? 


If it isn’t done properly, it can cost you time and money, i.e. the time to be sent another inverter and the cost of it. 


When it’s damaged, the carrier should be responsible for that cost but if the steps below aren’t taken, any claim we file will never be honored and so the cost will be passed on to you/us. 


What To Do (and What Not To Do) 

  • Do NOT simply sign for the inverter! 

  • Inspect equipment with the carrier present. 

  • If there is significant damage (aka you’re positive it won’t work, it looks that destroyed), refuse it.  For any other damage (“bumps and bruises” but looks like it would still be functional and you’d like to proceed with its install), accept it and mark it as damaged. 

  • Finally, ensure you’re signing for the expected size shipment (number of pallets, number of boxes, etc).  If anything is missing, mark it as short and note the exception number. 

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