3 of 20 - Mounting the Inverter

  • The inverter mount faces a specific direction. You will notice four metal tabs sticking out from the bracket. Two of the tabs have holes in them, these are at the bottom.  
  • The bracket is 19 & 3/8 inches long and 9 & 15/16 inches wide. The top holes are 15 & 3/4 inches apart and the top and bottom holes are 7 & 7/8 inches apart. 
  • Find a suitable location for the bracket and consider that the inverter dimensions are 20 & 1/4 inches long by 28 & 1/8 inches wide by 7 & 7/8 inches thick (deep).  
  • The bracket should be mounted using four fasteners along with washers. 
  • When sliding the inverter onto the mounting bracket, be sure get both hooks over the edges of the two top tabs that stick out. Bring the top in first, with the bottom pulled out. Then hook the tabs and slowly bring the bottom flat to the wall. You should be able to see the two holes on the bottom tabs match up with holes in the inverter. Threat the provided bolts into these holes and then tighten them down. 
  • Note: the inverter weighs approximately 66.1 pounds and it is evenly distributed (not top heavy). Please exercise proper lifting methods to avoid injury or mount the inverter with two people.  




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