Go Solis Webinar #8 Solis Inverters and SunSpec Alliance: The Importance of SunSpec CSIP 2030.5


On June 09, Solis Inverters were awarded the SunSpec 2030.5 CSIP (Common Smart Inverter Profile) Certification, leaving the company ahead of schedule to meet the June 22 deadline for compliance with CA Rule 21 Phase 3. What does this mean for installers?  Simply, it means that Solis inverters marked with “Client Aggregator” and/or the SunSpec 2030.5 CSIP Certified mark can be installed wherever CA Rule 21 Phase 3 grid support and communications are required. 


 Terence Parker, Senior Application Engineer from Solis, will be your host for this 8th event on the Go Solis Webinar Series 2020 calendar.  This webinar will be conducted on July 23rd at 10 AM PDT (1 PM EDT).  Terence will be joined by Bernie Grant, Solis 3-Phase Product Manager & Tom Tansy, Chairman of the SunSpec Alliance.  SunSpec joined Solis for Go Solis Webinar #6, back in June, and we had a great discussion about the work that SunSpec is doing to drive communication standards in the Smart Inverter industry.  We invite you to take a break from those hot July solar rooftops and join SunSpec and Solis for a refreshing dive into communications between Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and the utility grid/aggregators - and most importantly, what these Certifications mean for installers. 


Learn why the SunSpec 2030.5 CSIP certification was actually awarded to the Ginlong Solis Cloud IEEE 2030.5 Client Aggregator (an aggregator is a new type of energy service provider which can increase or moderate the electricity consumption of a group of consumers according to total electricity demand on the grid).  Solis products certified to the IEEE 2030.5-2018 standard for wide-area communication have compatibility with local area communication protocols.  For more information about the SunSpec Alliance, or to download SunSpec specifications at no charge, visit www.sunspec.org. 


As of June 22, 2020, CPUC California Rule 21, Phase 3 requires all smart inverters to connect to utility SCADA systems directly or through an aggregator, making the SunSpec 2030.5 CSIP certification critical for California PV system installers. Go Solis Webinar #8 attendees will gain a better understanding of how utility/aggregators, the Solis Cloud, and distributed energy resources like Solis Inverters, communicate and support each other today, and attendees may get a glimpse into what a DER/utility-connected world will look like in the future.   



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