Go Solis Webinar #3: Solis Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter with LG Chem (2/11/2020, U.S.)



Go Solis Webinar 2020 #3: Solis Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter with LG Chem and Brooks Engineering - Using Energy Storage to Grow Your Solar Business (2/11/2020, U.S.)  


Join Terence Parker from Solis, Bill Brooks and Linh Tran from LG Chem for insight into selling new home battery solutions and choosing the right design and equipment to meet customer needs.      

The first few minutes of an unexpected power outage is the worst time to learn that your new home battery solution is not designed for what you really need.  I don’t want that to happen to you and I certainly don’t want that to happen to your customers.   


Solis North America is excited to announce a new webinar with Terence from Solis, Bill Brooks of Brooks Engineering and Linh Tran, of LG Chem Battery.  The Solis Energy Storage (Battery) Inverter has been certified to the UL 1741(SA) and IEEE 1547.1 Standards and this exciting global product is finally being released in North America, Q2 2020.  With LG Chem, the Solis / LG Battery Solution is a complete package that can be installed as a base system or to provide more power than competitor models.  


Bill Brooks will ground this webinar from the start by reviewing the most critical step for getting your battery project started out right; evaluating your customer’s off-grid and on-grid needs, getting an accurate assessment of loads and critical loads, understanding TOU utility rate structures and their effect on customer LCOE, IRR, etc.  Linh Tran represents the LG Chem residential products in North America and has the latest news from this global technology company.  Linh Tran will de-mystify and break down the best way to describe battery solutions and sell battery systems for different customers and different customer needs.  Linh Tran will describe the buying process, installations, commissioning and what to do if there is ever a fault or need to return.  Bill Brooks will then work through choosing the right equipment for the real needs of your customer.  We will go through some sample equipment layouts and will cover some critical installation notes for these types of battery system components.  These new Solis energy storage inverters, from 5 kW to 10 kW, are lightweight and compact.  All the LG Chem RESU batteries are slim and easy to mount on the wall.   


The Solis / LG Chem RESU solution is designed to be, and is serviced as one system.  The Solis Service Team are your NA-based troubleshooting guides for these hybrid inverter/battery systems. They can help you through any commissioning or operations questions on your Solis / LG RESU installations.   But take the first step and let Terence, Bill and Linh help you define and design PV battery systems, and show you how these PV battery solutions can help you grow your business in this new energy storage market.   

GoSolis webinar series produced by the Solis North American team are in partnership with various experts across the industry.  


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