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For a more detailed guide on configuring Export Power please click here 

  1. Press the Enter button 
  2. Go down to "Advanced Settings" and press Enter 
  3. Put in the password "0010" by pressing Down, Down, Up, Enter 
  4. Press Down until "Export Power Set" is highlighted and press Enter 
  5. "Backflow Power" should be highlighted, press Enter 
  6. The value shown here is how much power the inverter will export (backflow) to the grid 
  7. Maximizing exported power 
    1. You will first need to determine the power size of the inverter 
    2. Check the nameplate on the left side of the unit and look for "Model Number" 
      1. Example: RHI-1P5K-HVES-5G 
    3. The power size is the number next to "K" so in the example above, the inverter is a 5 kW unit 
    4. Using the Up and Down buttons, match the "Backflow Power" value on the screen to the power size 
    5. If it is a 5 kW inverter then the value should be "+5000W"
    6. Press Enter and the screen will say "Done!"  
    7. You may now press Esc a few times to return to the main menu or main screen 
  8. Minimizing exported power 
    1. Press the Down button until the "Backflow Power" value is "+00000W" 
    2. Press Enter and the screen will say "Done!"
    3. You may now press Esc a few times to return to the main menu or main screen 
  9. Ensure that you have the Acrel meter, CTs, and meter communication wire installed correctly 
  10. Wait approximately five to ten minutes 
  11. On the screen, between the transmission tower and house icons there will be a number followed by "kW" 
    1. This kW value is the amount of power being exported/imported to/from the grid 
    2. The arrow direction indicates whether power is being exported or imported 
      1. Export = Arrow pointing towards the transmission towers  
      2. Import = Arrow pointing towards the house 
  12. When configured for minimum export, this value should read "0.0kW" 
    1. If it does not read "0" check the Backflow Power setting again - it is possible that the change was not saved  
    2. Note: the system will "leak" some power back to the grid whenever there is a change in consumption. This typically happens when there is a large amount of PV power with no where to go, meaning no battery to store it and no loads to consume it. The inverter screen will read LmtByPLmt when this is happening. The "leaked" power can be between 10% and 20% of the total daily generation. 
    3. Please see the article Export Power Set for a more detailed explanation on how to deal with this issue 
  13. When set up for maximum export power, the value should read the difference between the solar generation value and the house consumption 
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