Grid Standards for Solis Inverters

To determine what the best grid standard option is for you, please see the Grid Standards Explained article. 

To check the grid standard currently set on your inverter, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the "Enter" button to access Main Menu
  2. Scroll down to "Advanced Settings"
  3. Enter pass code "0-0-1-0" (press "Down-Down-Up-Down"), then press "Enter"
  4. Within the "Advanced Settings" submenu, select the first option, "Select Standard." This will display the grid standard that is currently active. For example, UL-240V with AFCI enabled will display as:

If your inverter needs to have the grid standard changed, you must first turn the grid OFF so that the inverter ceases production.  Otherwise, the new grid standard setting will not be saved.

  1. Under Advanced Settings, select the second option, "Grid On/Off" - Select "OFF" and press "Enter." Wait until the inverter stops generating.
  2. Return to "Select Standard" to choose a different grid standard.  If a custom grid standard is required, select "UserDef" and apply the specified settings.  Refer to how to set a custom User-Defined grid standard for additional guidance.
  3. After you select the desired grid standard, make sure that you "Save and Send."
  4. Return to "Grid On/Off" - Select "ON" and press "Enter."  Verify that the inverter resumes operation.

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