Arizona Power Supply (APS) Grid Standard

This procedure should be conducted by qualified personnel only. 


1. Turn the AC switch on first 

2. Turn the DC switch on second 

3. Verify LCD Screen and Red LED is lit 

4. Go to “Advanced Settings” 

5. Enter password 0010 (down down up enter) 

6. Go to “Grid ON/OFF” 

7. Select “Off” and then wait until the inverter stops blinking 

8. Go to “Select Standard” in Advanced Settings 

9. Use the Up and Down buttons to find and highlight “APS 240” and then hit enter

10. Go back to “Grid ON/OFF” 

11. Highlight “On” then press Enter and wait until the inverter stops blinking 

12. Go to Main Menu and wait 5 minutes for inverter to initialize and begin generating again.

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