Advanced Hybrid DSP Issues - Replacing the DSP Board

Hybrid DSP Board


Note: Only a Solis technician is able to perform a DSP board replacement. Doing this on your own will void the warranty. 

Replacing the hybrid DSP board requires removing the inverter from the wall and then taking the heat sync off of the back of the inverter by removing the x12 T-20 screws securing it to the top cabinet. The technician must also have a spare hybrid DSP board on hand in order to do this (naturally). 

The heat sync is quite heavy, so this next step is more easily done with two people; however, it can be done with just one. Prop open the heat sync at the top of the inverter. Use two pieces of wire tape to keep the rubber seal from falling out. 

The DSP board is at the top of the heat sync in the middle and typically has a few label stickers on it. There are two gobs of white glue on both sides that will give when the DSP board is pulled out. 

Gently pull evenly on both sides of the board until it comes out. A new board can now be installed in its place by pushing evenly until the board is completely in. Secure the heat sync back to the inverter with the T-20 screws and then reinstall the inverter. 

Power the inverter on and check the DSP firmware version: Advanced SettingsSoftware Update > DSP Update

The firmware version should now be a number other than 00. If the firmware is an older version, please update it to the most current version. See the article "Hybrid DSP Updating" for steps on how to do this.

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