Putting the System into Standby

When performing DSP and HMI firmware updates on the Solis RHI-1P(5-10)K-HVES-5G series inverters one of two things must first be done:

  1. The AC breaker must be turned off - note: this only works if there are no module-level rapid shutdown (MLRSD) receivers installed
  2. The inverter must be put into standby mode (PV generation temporarily disabled) - note: this should be done if there are MLRSD receivers installed

The process for putting the system into standby is this:

  1. Press any button to light up the screen, then press the enter button
  2. Press Up or Down to highlight "Advanced Settings", then press enter
  3. Press these buttons in this order: down, down, up, enter
  4. Press down to highlight "Switches", then press enter
  5. Press down to highlight "Off", then press enter
  6. You will hear an audible click sound and the screen will say "Done"
  7. Press the Escape button until you are back to the main screen
  8. Verify that the PV has dropped to 0.0W - if so, the system is in standby mode
  9. You are now able to perform firmware updates
  10. Note: once the update is done, the system will automatically turn standby mode off
  11. If this does not happen, go back to Switches, then highlight On and press Enter
  12. The system should be back to normal production within six minutes

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