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Solis Rapid Shutdown Devices (RSD’s) are manufactured by Ginlong (Ningbo) Technologies Co., Ltd. (The Company) 

(referred to as Ginlong) provides the following Warranty to the purchaser (The Customer) of the Rapid Shutdown Device(s) 

(The Goods). The Customer is deemed to be the owner of the installed Goods at first sale. 


1. Warranty Terms 

The Company warrants all Goods to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 10 years from the date of sale to the 


Normal use and service may include removal of the RSD factory-installed DC and AC connectors as part of the permanent installation process. 

The Warranty covers the cost of repairs or replacement parts. The Goods must be returned to the Company for inspection. 

The company may repair or replace faulty components at its discretion. 

This warranty extends the Customer’s statutory rights and cannot be construed so as to diminish such statutory rights. 


2. Warranty Limitations 

The Warranty is valid only for Goods purchased either directly from the Company or from an authorized reseller of the company. 

The Warranty is transferable to additional home and building owners that purchase from the original owner and applies to brand new Goods only. 

Defective parts replaced under Warranty become the property of the Company. 

The Warranty does not cover: 

    (a) Access or transport costs; 

    (b) Consequential damages including but not limited to loss of revenue; 

    (c) Claims by third parties other than the Customer; 

    (d) Defects of installation. (Except where the installation is performed by the Company); 

    (e) Goods damaged as a consequence of incorrect installation. (Except where the installation is performed by the Company); 

    (f) Items ancillary to installation not supplied by the Company; 

    (g) Duties, import/export fees or costs and other general administrative costs; 

    (h) Damage to Goods caused by misuse, improper handling or unauthorized modification; 

    (i) Loss or damage occurring whilst in transit; 

    (j) Accidental or willful damage; 

    (k) Any Goods described in a quotation or delivery note as 'ex-display' or ‘reconditioned’. (A separate Warranty extension may have been issued 

    to cover such Goods.) 

Labor, travel and delivery (to and from customer) will be charged if goods returned found to be not faulty following a warranty claim. 


3. Warranty Claims Procedure 

To make a warranty claim the following information needs to be provided: 

• Completed Customer Service Repair Form 

• Product Model and Product Serial Number 

• Copy of the invoice for the inverter 

• Copy of the installation report and installation certificate 

The authorized reseller will liaise with the Company regarding repair or replacement. The cost of repair or replacement will be borne by the Company provided the Warranty 

has been validated and the Warranty period has not expired. 

Where repairs must be effected at the Company’s headquarters, the Company will endeavor to minimize the down time for the Goods. 

All rights reserved by Ginlong (Ningbo) Technologies Co., Ltd.. This information is subject to changes without notice. 


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