Go Solis Webinar #6: Solis and Tigo TS4 Platform - Tested and Harmonized Commercial Inverter 690.12 Rapid Shutdown Solutions”

Solis Commercial PV String Inverters have a world-wide reputation for reliability and are one of the most cost-effective PV string inverters you can buy.  Tigo Energy is the pioneer in smart, modular PV MLPE and together, Solis and Tigo have harmonized Smart Solis inverters (IEEE1547, UL1741SA, IEEE2030.5-2018, SunSpec Modbus) with the flexible and smart Tigo TS4 MLPE platform, resulting in a verified, low-cost rapid shutdown solution for commercial PV system customers.  

The 2020 Go Solis webinar series will present its 6th webinar of the year on May 26 at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST).  This event will be hosted by Terence Parker, senior application engineer from Solis Inverters and Bernie Grant, Commercial Product Manager for Solis NA.  We are very happy to have Gary Hethcoat, Sales Engineer from Tigo Energy join us for this special Go Solis Webinar!  

Tigo has announced a new line of TS4 module-integrated and add-on products (-A) for 2020.  Solis was especially interested in Tigo’s new TS4-A-F series of products for rapid shutdown, their dual core transmitters and ease of commissioning.  The TS4 platform has been field-tested with the latest Solis Smart Commercial / Industrial PV string inverters (25-66 kW, 1000V) and the results have been positive for both installers and buyers.  Installation time is minimal and rapid shutdown functionality is automatic and built-in.  Loss of ac power will shutdown all PV modules to less than 80Vdc in less than 30 seconds, per NEC 2017 690.12(B)(2)(2).  

The Tigo Rapid Shutdown transmitter and power supply have been integrated into the Solis Commercial PV String inverter wire box.  This factory integration gives installers one less part to install, configure and commission.  Tigo continuously improves the TS4 platform, with MLPE products now capable of accepting PV modules up to 500W, each unit is smaller, 25% lighter, and new mounting options fit more racking systems.  Solis is focused on the installer experience.  The integration of rapid shutdown into our commercial inverters allows installers to easily check string voltages and MLPE operations.  If the customer wants to upgrade PV array capabilities, the Solis / Tigo Platform also offers; 1) PV module monitoring, 2) optimization, and 3) longer strings. 

We hope you can join us for an hour, while you are staying safe at home, to learn how you can save money and time when you choose the Solis / Tigo rapid shutdown systems for your commercial PV projects.   



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