UN-G-F Alarm

This alarm will put the inverter into a complete fault status, and it will not return to operation until the issue is resolved. Thankfully its an easy fix (usually). In North America, the primary reason for this fault is a grid code that isn't set properly.

It's caused by the inverter not recognizing the grid frequency. It's either OVER the allowed limit ( OV-G-F ), or UNDER the allowed limit ( UN-G-F ).

On the LCD proceed to the ADVANCED SETTING section. Enter the password 0010. Select “Turn Grid off or on”. Select off. Choose SELECT STANDARD select UL-240V-A, UL-208V-A, UL-240V, UL-240V. hit ENTER to confirm setting. Go back to Select “Turn Grid off or on”. Select on. Wait 5 minutes and the alarm should clear. 

US Grid Code Meaning

UL-240V-A - AFCI ENABLED - Split Phase

UL-208V-A - AFCI ENABLED - Single Phase

UL-240V - AFCI DISABLED - Split Phase

UL-208V - AFCI DISABLED - Single Phase

If the problem persists then you will need to verify the Grid frequency is operating at 60hz + - 0.1hz, if the grid is verified good, contact Ginlong Solis Technical support line.

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