LCD Protective Sticker Replacement Procedure

If the inverter LCD displays are installed in direct sun, their outer plastic protective cover can become opaque and difficult to read through.  If the clear plastic protector film wasn't removed from the sticker after installation, they are prone to developing a "cracked" appearance.

If this occurs, please request a replacement LCD sticker from Ginlong Solis.  The replacement process is as follows:

  1. Remove the existing LCD protective sticker that is cracked.  A precision flathead screwdriver can be helpful to get under and edge.
  2. Ensure that no pieces of the original sticker remain.  If some adhesive from the original sticker is left, that is ok--very difficult to remove all of it.
  3. Apply the replacement sticker, making sure to line up well over the LED lights and the button board (see attached video "LCD film installation").
  4. Firmly press around all the edges and buttons to ensure the adhesive makes good contact and inverter is well sealed.
  5. Remove plastic protector film from the sticker (see attached video "LCD film protector removal").

If upon removal of the existing LCD protector you find that the HMI display is completely blank, perform the following:

  1. Take a close-up photo of the blank display.
  2. Take a perspective photo showing the entire front of the inverter.
  3. Install the replacement protector so that the inverter is sealed.
  4. Submit the photos to Solis Technical Support at so that its condition may be assessed.
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