Setting a custom (user-defined) grid standard

Note: be sure that the inverter is not generating when changing the grid standard - turn off the AC or go to "Grid ON/OFF" and select OFF first

1. From the main screen press Enter

2. Press Up once to highlight "Advanced Settings" 

3. Enter the password "0010" by pressing the buttons: Down, Down, Up, Enter 

4. With the arrow to the left of "Select Standard" press Enter

5. Use the Up and Down buttons to find "User-Def" then press Enter

6. Immediately press Escape, when it says "Save and Send" press Enter

7. Press Escape, then Enter again when it says "Save and Send" a second time

8. With "User-Def" on the screen, press Enter

9. Set the individual parameters as required by using the Up, Down, and Enter buttons

10. Once you're finished, press Escape and then Enter when it says "Save and Send"

11. Set the restore parameters, then press Escape and Enter one last time when it says "Save and Send"

12. You may now turn the AC back on, if the inverter is stuck with "No-Grid" displayed, turn both AC and DC off until the screen goes blank, then turn the inverter on AC first and then DC - wait five minutes for the inverter to generate

This video shows how to set a custom grid standard for a Solis-1P(3.6-10)K-4G-US inverter. However, the process is the same for all Solis inverters (except the RHI-1P(5-10)K-HVES-5G series). The only difference would be the parameter values, as this is a 240V inverter and not a 480V or a 600V. Fast forward to 3 minutes and 24 seconds for the User-Define grid standard instructions. 

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