Go Solis Webinar #5: Solis inverters and SunSpec Alliance (5/5/2020, U.S.)


Go Solis Webinar 2020 #5: Solis inverters and SunSpec Alliance: Leveraging Data Communication Standards to Lead the Smart Inverter Industry (5/5/2020, U.S.)  



The SunSpec Alliance is driving data communication standards in the Distributed Energy (DE) industry and Solis Inverters of North America is leveraging these standards to provide a superior inverter product with compliance to the latest safety guidance and utility grid requirements.  

The fifth (5th) webinar in the 2020 Go Solis webinar series, marked on the calendar for May 05 at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST), will be hosted by Terence Parker, senior application engineer from Solis Inverters and Travis Snyder, Product Manager, North America. As a special guest speaker, the webinar will feature Tom Tansy, Chairman of the SunSpec Alliance.   



The SunSpec Alliance is a global alliance of more than 100 solar and storage distributed energy industry participants, including leading fleet operators, component suppliers, software developers, and utilities.  Tom Tansy will describe the role of the SunSpec Alliance in data communication standard development and the importance of newly-implemented regulatory standards at the State and National levels that are driving change in the smart inverter industry.  Webinar attendees will gain a firm understanding of SunSpec standards and certification programs addressing IEEE 1547-2018 and NEC 2017-2020 requirements as well as standards for secure communications with the grid. Tom Tansy will also discuss how SunSpec PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is addressing communications security issues today and into the future.   



Terence will describe how Solis Inverters of North America has been a leader in supporting SunSpec and how Solis inverters have integrated SunSpec and IEEE 1547-2018 data communication standards to; 1) ensure regulatory compliance, and 2) improve the customer experience.  Travis Snyder will use the Solis Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter with SunSpec Modbus to demonstrate the inverter’s capabilities to provide ancillary grid services.   Travis will also explain how Solis is integrating SunSpec Common Smart Inverter Profiles (CSIP) into the Ginlong (Solis) Monitoring Platform to help implement the new communication standards.  Solis inverters include integrated PLC signal transmitters that use the SunSpec communication protocol for Solis module-level rapid shutdown solutions.  Inverter distributors have been telling us how the widely used SunSpec standard allows PV system installers to choose from a variety of SunSpec-compliant rapid shutdown receivers, giving the installer greater flexibility in the field while allowing for compatibility with future DER equipment.  GoSolis webinar series produced by the Solis North American team are in partnership with various experts across the industry. 



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