Go Solis Webinar #2: The New Solis 125K 1500V Inverters plus Also Energy (2/11/2020, U.S.)


Go Solis Webinar 2020 #2: The New Solis 125K 1500V Inverters plus Also Energy  Better ROI for 2 40MW Systems. 


Solis Inverters and AlsoEnergy want to put you in control of your PV system data and PV system operations by pairing the reliable Solis commercial and utility-scale inverters with expert control and monitoring by AlsoEnergy.  Solis reliability leads to maximum up-time and superior performance.  AlsoEnergy provides the most advanced and complete solutions in North America to control, monitor, and manage PV systems and distributed energy assets (including integrated software and hardware systems for DAS, SCADA, and power plant control).  


In this webinar, scheduled for February 11 2020, 10AM PST, AlsoEnergy will discuss monitoring and control strategies in concert with advanced PV system solutions using the Solis commercial 3-phase inverters and their new 125K 1500V inverters for utility-scale systems, ranging in size from 2 MW to 40 MW.   

Webinar attendees will get an up-close and detailed look at the Solis 125K 1500V three-phase inverters for systems in the 2-40 MW range. This model is designed to be part of an ideal balance-of-system solution for large commercial and small utility projects. Peak efficiency over 99%, PV string monitoring and advanced IV trace / anti-PID functions ensure maximum performance with low CAPEX.  


In this joint presentation, AlsoEnergy will provide a deep dive into equipment and installation for AlsoEnergy monitoring and control solutions.  Additionally, Solis inverters and AlsoEnergy will detail how the PV system services offered by both companies, both pre-install and post-install, add up to a sum greater than their parts.  Large and small commercial customers can leverage design / plant operations services offered by AlsoEnergy and can rely on swift RMA and timely, useful technical support from Solis.   


Your presenters for this webinar will be Terence Parker, Senior Applications Engineer from Solis inverters and Jacob Nardi, Technical Sales Engineer from AlsoEnergy.  Mr. Parker has been with Solis for 4 years and has been working in the PV industry since 1990.  Mr. Parker brings a depth of knowledge in PV system installation and operations to reach customer goals.  Auston Tabor, also from Solis Inverters, is Sr. Service Manager and will explain how the industry-leading Solis service portfolio dovetails with the monitoring solutions offered by Also/Energy to ensure maximum up-time and PV system performance.  Mr. Nardi is a perfect complement for this webinar, bringing comprehensive knowledge of integrated monitoring and control technologies for industrial and utility-scale PV projects to optimize hardware performance and availability.   Go Solis webinar series produced by the Solis North American team are in partnership with various experts across the industry. 


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