Go Solis 2020 Webinar #7: Testing Solis Inverters Beyond Certifications with PV Evolution Labs


PV Plant Developers have known for years that PV inverter problems are a common cause of PV plant failure.  PVEL aims to change that paradigm.  Today, PV plant developers are pushing inverter limits with high dc/ac ratios and south/west-facing PV arrays that extend the day.  But some PV inverters are only tested up to standard conditions - they are only tested up to their certification limits, and not beyond.  Testing beyond these limits takes place in the rigorous PVEL Inverter Qualification Program.  

Join Solis Inverters, the first PV Inverters to complete PVEL's Inverter Reliability Testing (2015), for our 7th Go Solis Webinar.  Learn more about PV system reliability claims from Solis and the important role that PV inverters play in PV system performance and ROI.  Terence Parker from Solis will be your host and he is joined by Gary Lam, Head of US Utility Business. Our special guest speaker will be Michael Mills-Price, the Head of Inverter and Energy Storage Business at PVEL.    

In this webinar, Michael will explain the importance of 3rd party validation of claims made by PV equipment manufacturers.  PVEL’s independent, unbiased product testing and qualification helps PV plant developers plan for the future and calculate their ROI in PV.     

Following Michael, Gary from Solis will introduce the latest Solis inverters in our commercial product line, 75-100 kW.  And he will show the new 255 kW, 1500V inverter for utility-scale projects.  Gary will highlight the innovative way they are deployed in the field for long term, productive service.  

For manufacturers like Solis who allow their products to be tested beyond normal  certification test protocols, the reward is the 3rd party validation.  PV plant developers can then use objective data to choose products and have more confidence in the predicted performance of PV assets.  Solis supports PVEL's efforts with the global PV community downstream, and their continuing work to improve PV inverter reliability.  

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