Solis Points of Contact List

This is an article made with the purpose of helping our Service Line identify who to turn to when additional help is needed.



HQSales ManagerKirakira@ginlong.comRMAs when Crane is out of stock / Refund request
HQService Manager of North AmericaThompsonruotian.zhu@ginlong.comAll products specialist
HQService Manager of North AmericaLyleyangtian.lai@ginlong.comAll products specialist
HQProduct ManagerJiao Chenjiao.chen@ginlong.comResidential inverter products
HQProduct ManagerLing Jianling.jian@ginlong.comCommercial inverter products
HQProduct ManagerEvan Guoyibo.guo@ginlong.comSolis monitoring products
Product Manager
Solis monitoring products
HQProduct ManagerSereinyingying.shi@ginlong.comSolisCloud
HQTechnical SupportLei Hualei.hua@ginlong.comAPI 
HQProduct Manager
Liu Jiajia.liu@ginlong.comS3-WIFI-ST, S2-WL-ST, S4-WL-ST
HQProduct Manager
HQProduct ManagerMark Guanxinyu.guan@ginlong.comEnergy storage products (hybrid)
HQProduct ManagerCharles Huating.hua@ginlong.comUtility inverter products
USA Product DevelopmentApplication EngineerTerence Parkerterence.parker@solisinverters.comAll products specialist
USA Product DevelopmentProduct ManagerMichael Allenmichael.allen@solisinverters.comEnergy storage & monitoring products
USA Product Development
Product Solution ManagerRehana Azizrehana@solisinverters.comResidential & energy storage products
USA Product DevelopmentProduct Solutions and Engineering DirectorIgor Mogilevskiigor.mogilevski@solisinverters.comCommercial and utility products
USA Product DevelopmentApplication EngineerJose Ariasjose.arias@solisinverters.comTBD
USA Product DevelopmentApplication EngineerZach Dereli
USA SalesDirector of Strategic SalesNatascha Hoodnatascha.hood@solisinverters.comForward all sales inquiries along with Kira and Claire
USA SalesDirector of SalesJesse Batistajesse.batista@solisinverters.comDo not contact
USA SalesInside Sales ManagerClaire Yang
Forward all sales inquiries along with Kira and Natascha
USA ServiceService EngineerEhab Elhanafyehab.elhanafy@solisinverters.comForward hybrid and 3P inverter inquiries
USA ServiceService EngineerCarlos Pedrazacarlos@solisinverters.comForward hybrid and 3P inverter inquiries
USA ServiceService EngineerGerman Romogerman@solisinverters.comForward hybrid and 3P inverter inquiries
USA ServiceService EngineerJoshua Wright-Hilljoshua@solisinverters.comForward hybrid and 3P inverter inquiries
USA ServiceService Engineer ManagerDarrin Johnsondarrin.johnson@solisinverters.comForward RMA approvals
USA ServiceHead of ServiceRoberto Cardosoroberto@solisinverters.comForward RMA approvals
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