Solis-(185-255)K-EHV-5G inverter HMI firmware updating procedure

Most current HMI firmware version: 185K - 07 ---- 255K: 06
For the following inverter models:

CSI-185K-T600GL02-U, CSI-255K-T800GL02-U, Solis-185K-EHV-5G-US, Solis-255K-EHV-5G-US

Note: A Solis Update Stick is required in order to perform DSP and HMI firmware updates. Please reach out to your distributor or to Solis US Service to obtain an Update Stick. 

Solis inverters have two kinds of firmware: Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Human-Machine-Interface (HMI)

1. Verify the Current Firmware Version:

    A. Advanced Info > Version > Press the Up and Down buttons simultaneously to see the "Software Ver" the HMI version is the left two numbers - You can also go to Advanced Settings > MI Update > Press enter to see the current HMI Version 

2. Prepare a USB Flash Drive: 

    A. Download the HMI file at the bottom of this article

    B. Format a flash drive to FAT32 by right clicking the drive and selecting "Format"

    C. Copy the HMI file to the USB flash drive

    D. Make sure the file is named "HMI.bin" or just "HMI" if the file is a Google Chrome icon

    E. Ensure that no other files or folders are in the flash drive's root directory. 

3. Prepare the Inverter and Install the HMI Firmware 

    A. Go to Advanced Setting > Password 0010 > Grid On/Off >highlight off and press Enter

    B. Turn the AC switch off of the inverter to off and leave the DC switch on

    B. Insert the flash drive into the bottom of the Solis firmware update tool 

    C. Remove the inverter AC wire box cover (right side)

    D. Pull out the green RS485 terminal block if there are RS485 wires landed in it - leave it hanging for now

    E. Set the inverter Address to 1 by going to Settings > Address 

    F. Install the firmware update tool in the bottom of the inverter at the green 4 pin plug. 

    G. With the Special 25-40K stick that are labeled in big black letters “25-40K”, once you insert them in all three lights will light up (unlike the normal stick that you need to hold the back button to scroll through the options) 

    H. VERIFY AGAIN the address is set to 1 and the RS-485 wires are out. 

    I. Click the button and you should see the inverter go directly into the update mode. 

    J. It will fast blink for many minutes and not slow blink like a normal update. 

    K. Once it completes the lights will go solid and verify the inverter HMI version has been updated. 

    L. Reinstall the RS-485 Lines and turn the grid back on 

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