NO-Grid Fault - The inverter does not recognize the AC grid

If a "No-Grid" fault is displayed, then one of two things is happening. (1) The inverter is not detecting any AC (grid) voltage or (2) the inverter DC switch was turned on before the AC switch was. 

1. To verify this measure the AC voltage directly at the inverter terminals with a voltage meter. Then go to the Information menu through the inverter screen to ensure that the values displayed matches the meter readings taken. 

a. If they do not, then please take a photos of the inverter screen and meter, then call the Solis service line to process an RMA. 

b. If there is no AC voltage then you will need to determine what is causing the AC voltage to be absent. Check the AC disconnect, AC breaker, interconnection point, etc.

2. If the DC switch is turned on but the AC switch is left off, after several seconds the inverter will display "No-Grid" and will continue to display this even after the AC switch gets turned off. 

a. The best thing to do is turn the AC and DC switch both off until the screen turns off completely. Then turn the   AC switch on first, followed by the DC switch. Wait five minutes to ensure the system begins generating power. 

b. If the inverter still says "No-Grid" then follow the steps in (1) above. 

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