9 of 20 - Installing LG Chem RESU10H Battery (Mounting)

Note: The LG battery weighs around 215 pounds and requires at least two people in order to be mounted safely

  • First, remove the wall mounting bracket from the battery box as well as the manual and wall mount bolts
  • Next, mount the bracket to a flat wall using the proper hardware - see proper clearances below and use a level
    • The building should be designed to withstand earthquakes
    • A waterproof, well-ventilated, north-facing wall is preferred
    • The battery should not get direct sunlight or it is likely to overheat
    • Proper clearances:
      • 12" from both sides and the top
      • 24" from the bottom
    • Once the bracket is secured, the battery will need to very carefully lifted up and onto the bracket - the battery should rest on the bracket's two curved metal grooves

  • Tighten the two hex-socket screws enclosed. The nuts for these screws are welded to the battery pack chassis.  Tighten to a torque of 5 N•m using the M6 torque wrench.

  • Open the wiring box cover by pulling on the two latches on the rear of the battery's bottom right corner.
    1. To remove the cover completely:
      • Open the door just slightly (2 to 10 degrees)
      • Give the door a gentle tug and it should come free

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