4 of 20 - Wiring the Inverter

  • Once the inverter is properly mounted, run conduit into the inverter's wire box. Ideally, the DC should land on the left side/bottom left corner of the inverter whereas the AC should land on the right side/bottom right corner. The wire terminals are spring clamp, so you will need a small common (flat) screwdriver to open them and land the wires.
  • Please see pages 12-19 of the inverter manual if you need more details for this section.
  • Here is the chart of recommended wire sizes:


  • The terminals on the left-hand side of the wire box are the PV string input terminals. Just to the right of them are the DC battery input/output terminals. Be sure that the battery polarity is correct before pushing in the battery fuses.
  • There are eight PV string input terminals - four positive and four negative. The left set of four are the positive terminals, the right set of four are the negative terminals. 

  • The AC wire terminals are on the right side of the wire box. The recommended wire sizes are:

  • Please strip off at least 1 & 5/8 inches of sheath and insert the wire into the terminal.
  • These are screw terminals so please have a Phillips screwdriver ready and tighten to 2 N.m.
  • Here is a table for recommended over-current protection devices on the AC side:

  •  Startup voltage is 120 Vdc
  • Operating voltage range for each MPPT is 90-450 Vdc
  • Rated voltage is 330 Vdc and the maximum voltage is 500 Vdc
  • The maximum usable input current per MPPT is 22A (times 2 MPPTs)
  • The maximum short circuit input current is 34.3A (times 2 MPPTs)
  • Battery operating voltage range is 120-500 Vdc 
  •  The maximum charge/discharge current is 20A 
  • Note: DC battery fuses are 30A 
  • Nominal grid voltage is 208/240 Vac and nominal frequency is 60 Hz
  • The rated grid output current will vary based on size (see Table 4.2 above)
  • Maximum AC input current is 48A

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