1 of 20 - Introduction of the Inverter

  • Designed to work with high-voltage lithium-ion batteries, this inverter is compatible with the BYD B-Box 10 series and the LG Chem RESU10H-R energy storage system. 
  • Currently, there are three power sizes available for this inverter: 5K, 7.6K, and 10K.
  • The inverter has four energy storage operating modes: self-use, feed-in-priority, backup, and off-grid. For a more detailed explanation of the four modes please click here
  • Solis Energy Storage Inverter adopts a 7 inch color screen and four buttons for navigating through the menus. 
  • This guide is here to assist you with the installation and set-up of the inverter. Bill Brooks will be explaining how to properly perform each step of the process. 
  • For a 360 degree virtual view of the product, follow this link:


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