Installation Overview & Single-Line Diagrams


Here is a video walk-through on how to install the Solis Energy Storage Inverter with both LG Chem RESU10H and BYD B-Box batteries. This guide will also go over how to set up the various Solis data monitoring options and rapid shutdown devices. Please use this guide in conjunction with the Installation Manual that came with the inverter or can be found alongside this guide. There are also separate articles for each of these steps available.

If you have already installed the system and you need help with operations and troubleshooting, please click or tap here: 5G Hybrid Operations and Troubleshooting

The installation guide has been broken down into twenty different sections. They are listed here in order to help you quickly find what you're looking for. Select the article you wish to see and you will be taken straight to it. 

1. Introduction to the System

2. System Layout

3. Mounting the Inverter

4. Wiring the Inverter

5. Installing the External Meter & CTs

6. Net Export Without a Battery

7. Inverter Menu Overview & Selecting the Grid Standard

8. Installing and Commissioning the BYD Battery

9. Installing the LG RESU10H Battery [Mounting]

10. Installing the LG RESU10H [Wiring]

11. Energy Storage Operating Modes - Self Use Mode

12. Energy Storage Operating Modes - Feed-In-Priority Mode

13. Installing the Solis Autotransformer (ATR)

14. Installing the Backup Loads Subpanel and Selecting Critical Loads Breakers

15. Energy Storage Operating Modes - Backup and Off-Grid Modes

16. Backup Power Operation

17. Module-Level Rapid Shutdown (MLRSD)

18. SolisCloud Monitoring Platform

19. Cellular Data Logger Setup

20. WiFi Data Logger Setup

For a 360 degree virtual view of the Solis Energy Storage Inverter, follow this link:

Here are two different single line diagrams for the Solis RHI-1P(5-10)K-HVES-5G-US series. One is with only PV and the other is with a battery, a Solis ATR, and a backup loads panel. 

Note: these diagrams are to just to use for reference and not to submit for a building permit

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