Standard Warranty Document

Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Ginlong Solis”, “we” or “us”) grants a limited warranty for the warranty products defined here. Unless agreed otherwise by Ginlong Solis in writing, Ginlong Solis only provides a limited warranty, as applicable. Ginlong Solis may authorize third-party service agents (hereafter referred to as "Authorized Service Provider") to provide the warranty service hereunder. Unless otherwise agreed by Ginlong Solis in writing, this warranty is not applicable to the products sold and installed prior to the validity of this warranty on [] January 2020.


Warranty products

This warranty applies exclusively to Solis inverters, rapid shutdown devices and Solis accessories (including LAN stick, cellular stick, WIFI stick, data logging box, auto transformer) manufactured and supplied either directly by Ginlong Solis or through authorized sellers of Ginlong Solis in the US market. This warranty does not apply to third party MLRSD products, whether supplied by Ginlong Solis or others.  Fuses and other consumable parts are also excluded from the warranty. For countries outside of the US territory, please visit for more details.


Warranty holder

Only the owner of the warranty product is entitled to make a claim under this warranty. Allow for 3rd parties and O&M companies to service and make claims on behalf of the owner. No other person shall have any rights under this warranty. In the event of a change in ownership of the warranty product, the warranty is transferred.


Warranty claim

A warranty claim exists in the event that a defect in a warranty product occurs within the warranty period as a result of defects in workmanship and materials.


Warranty exclusions and disclaimer

Ginlong Solis shall not be liable under this limited warranty:

  • If the product is not initially purchased from Ginlong Solis or the authorized sellers of Ginlong Solis; 
  • If the product is stolen equipment;
  • If the product is out of the warranty period;
  • If the fault has been caused by another component in the warranty holder's photovoltaic system;
  • If a fault could not be identified upon examination of the product;
  • If the replaced products have not been returned to Ginlong Solis or Authorized Service Provider within 90 days from the time of the initial claim;
  • Unless the product was installed correctly by an Authorized Service Provider and as per the installation instructions supplied with the product;
  • Unless the warranty holder has paid in full any amounts owed to Ginlong Solis by the warranty holder;
  • If the defect is contributed to or caused by any improper usage of the product, failure to comply with any instructions supplied with the product or usage of the product for purposes other than that for which the product was designed or intended;
  • If the defect occurs wholly or partially as a result of any act or omission by the warranty holder, or any person other than a person employed or sub-contracted by Ginlong Solis;
  • If the product is not satisfactorily maintained, is subject to misuse, neglect, accident or abuse or the warranty holder continues to use the product after the defect becomes apparent;
  • If the product is repaired, or any attempt to repair the product is made, by anyone other than an Authorized Service Provider of the products acting at Ginlong Solis's direction;
  • If the product is moved for any reason after it has been installed (regardless of whether the product is subsequently reinstalled or moved back to the same location) unless the product is reinstalled at the same address by a Authorized Service Provider by Ginlong Solis and it is stored during any interim period in accordance with that installer's instructions;
  • For any damage or defect caused by lightning, flood, power surge, fire, pest damage, corrosion, actions of third parties, force majeure or any other act of God, event or accident outside Ginlong Solis's reasonable control and not arising under normal and standard operating conditions;
  • If the product is altered or modified in any way (including if the product's serial or identification number is altered, defaced or removed) unless such modification has been approved in writing by Ginlong Solis;
  • For normal wear and tear( including sun damage for inverters installed facing due south without shade cover.  
  • For issues caused by products not supplied by Ginlong Solis; or
  • For any other fault which does not affect the basic performance of the product, notwithstanding any external scratch or stain, or natural mechanical wearing which does not represent a defect.


Data Protection

  • If the customers accept the warranty service provided by Ginlong Solis, it means that the customers allow Ginlong Solis to access, collect and process information related to failure, detection, identifying and debugging when providing services. Such information will only be used to provide warranty services. Since customers are the controllers of such information, Ginlong Solis cannot confirm whether such information contains confidential information or personal data of the customers. Customers should ensure that they will obtain or retain all necessary consent, permission and authorization ("Consent") in accordance with applicable legal requirements for Ginlong Solis to provide such service, so that Ginlong Solis will not violate applicable legal requirements, customer privacy policies, or customer-user agreements in providing related services. Ginlong Solis will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of such customer information, but Ginlong Solis is not responsible for any direct or indirect liability caused by the acquisition and processing of such information in the process of providing services. If the customer returns the products to Ginlong Solis, it indicates that the customer has backed up any confidential, private, personal or other information stored in the products and has completely deleted such information from the products, and authorizes Ginlong Solis to transfer the products to the Ginlong Solis service center in other countries for maintenance. Customers shall be solely responsible for deleting the above information before delivering the hardware to Ginlong Solis or Authorized Service Provider.  They shall also further indemnify, defend and hold harmless Ginlong Solis from and against any and all claims, liabilities, obligations, costs, expenses, penalties, fines, confiscations and ruling imposed by any government agency or third party as a result of Ginlong Solis’ failing to comply with applicable laws and regulations in transferring and disposing of the above information.
  • Ginlong Solis does not guarantee the data stored in the products; the customers are responsible for backing up relevant data to prevent loss.


Warranty services

Ginlong Solis grants the Solis limited warranty for a period of ten years, five years or two years (contingent on the product type). 

During this limited warranty: 

  • Material warranty: Ginlong Solis will provide the relevant replacement part or a replacement device. The warranty holder does not have to pay for the replacement part or device. 
  • Service: Ginlong Solis will not pay the labor costs for removing and installing the replacement part or replacement device, or costs for any other service. 
  • Transport: Ginlong Solis will not pay the shipping and transport costs incurred in relation to the Material under this Solis limited warranty.


Warranty period

The warranty period begins the earlier of (1) when the warranty product is installed by Ginlong Solis or a Authorized Service Provider or (2) upon the lapse of the first 3 months after the warranty product is dispatched from our factory, and applies differently depending on the warranty product, unless Ginlong Solis otherwise agrees in writing to a different period:


Standard Warranty Period

255kW 1500V Inverters

5 years 

Other Inverters

10 years

Rapid Shutdown

Warranty Period

Solis String-Level Rapid Shutdown Device

10 years 


Standard Warranty Period

LAN Stick

2 years 

Cellular Stick

2 years 

WIFI Stick

2 years 

Data Logging Box

2 years 

Auto Transformer

2 years




Where parts or devices are replaced, the remaining warranty period is transferred to the replacement part or replacement device. This will be registered by Ginlong Solis automatically and the warranty holder will not receive a new certificate. 


Making a claim

In the event of a warranty claim, the warranty holder may contact Ginlong Solis through following contact details, or contact your local seller or Authorized Service Provider.


Service Department Contact Details:

Tel: 1-(866)-438-8408


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